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A-Maze-ing Sunflower: The 1st Sunflower Maze in the PH

A-maze-ing Sunflower

Our latest escapade started when my stepdad watched television and saw this new cool place in Tayug, Pangasinan. He knows us too well when it comes to outdoor plans, so he requested to see this place for our weekend bonding. He said it was well advertised – looked interesting and absolutely affordable.

Weekend came and this is what happened…

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Thunderbird Resorts, La Union: A Taste of Santorini

thunderbird resorts

Whenever I see an omnipresent color palette of blue and white in an area plus whitewashed cubist houses in it, the eminent island of Santorini, Greece is all I can think of. Couldn’t perceive of any other else.

Who wouldn’t want to see that place? Lately, it has been a trend where entrepreneurs in the Philippines have been injecting this design concept to restaurants and most prominently to resorts. Like trying to replicate it and let customers experience the same feel for a lesser cost. Well, still the ambiance is different but highest appreciation goes to the concept and effort.

Luckily, my family and I got the chance to have a day tour (for my birthday, yey!) on one of the upscale (5-star) resorts in La Union that represents Santorini’s beauty.

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