Wicked: Very Light Ash Blonde Hair & Deep Purple Lips

Wicked look

Wicked look

Say you’ll remember me Wicked look

Standing in a nice dress, staring at the sunset, babe

Red lips and rosy cheeks

Say you’ll see me again even if it’s just in your… Wicked look

Wildest dreams… Ooh ooh… ♬

[Excerpt from Taylor Swift’s song Wildest Dreams]

Wicked look

Make up Product List

1. Clinique Colour Surge Eyeshadow Quad

(gift from a relative; more or less $25-30 at stores)

Colors from left to right and where to apply:

-single shade from blushing nude trio (center of eyelid, lower part of eyebrow’s arch)

-single shade from pink chocolate quad (inner lower lash line)

-stone violet stay matte (outer lid)

– chocolate chip stay matte (outer crease)

2. CNA Fashion Accessories 3W Clinic Lipliner Pencil #07 Php80

-deep purple lip liner

3. Nichido Eye Contour Pencil Blackest Black Php80

-used to tightline my eyes in this look

4. Nichido Eye Contour Pencil Deep Blonde Php80

-used for the eyebrows

5. EO Contact Lenses Flexwear Illusions Slate Gray with grade 2.0 L & R Php790

(Though, my recent grade is 2.5 each already)

-because I’m blind if I don’t put them


  1. If you have thin lips just like mine and wants to achieve a pouty one, lip liner is what you need. Just outline your lips with an offset of 1mm outside from the real border of your lips (Am I speaking of architectural stuff here? lol) Then fill it all out.


  1. Top with a lip gloss or lipstick of the same color if you like it glossy, or pat loose powder if you like it matte.
  2. Outline with concealer and soften it out for more defined lips.
  3. You may opt to use foundation and concealer for an even flawless skin; highlight your forehead & cheeks; and contour the temples, nose line, cheek hollows, and jaw line.
  4. Add fake eyelashes to make your eyes look bigger.

You don’t underestimate the power of make up.

Pixxel Very Light Ash Blonde

Hair Product

Lolane Pixxel Color Cream Very Light Ash Blonde Php129


  1. For shoulder hair length, I recommend you to use 4-5 boxes of this product to fully cover your entire hair and for richer color. In my case, I only used 3 boxes thinking it would be enough, though at the very start, the sales lady told me to buy 4 boxes. (Sorry for not following your instructions, ma’am! Stubborn me.) Hence, what happened was we got short for my hair roots! So, the hair expert did her best to maximize the remaining product to cover the said part — resulting to a raw yellowish color, a bit far from the greyish/whitish brown color of my hair from the middle to the ends.
  2. If you can tolerate the pain, or if you could find a better hair bleaching product (mentholated), it is best advised to bleach your hair to the lightest shade or white to really achieve the color you will be applying next.

Hair Coloring Procedure

Step 1: Visit your favorite Salon/DIY

Mine was TRENDS Salon Marikina Heights

Step 2: Part your hair in sections for easy application

Hair bleaching

Step 3: Apply hair bleach

For those with blonde hair already, you may skip this step.

My trusted hair experts only allowed me to use 6% hair bleach because beyond that such as 12% bleach would be too strong. Leave it for 20-30mins or until you get the desired shade. Be ready for an itchy prickly sensation in your scalp. Also, prepare yourself for a flaky scalp after the treatment. Yes. Beauty is pain.
Hair bleaching

Step 4: Rinse your hairHair bleaching

Step 5: Blow-dry your hair

We don’t want a damp hair for the next step. Hair bleaching

Step 6: Apply your Light Ash Blonde Hair Color

Leave for 30-45mins then rinse. Practice using conditioner every other day for a softer hair. Bleaching your hair could damage it so much, making it super dry — rubberish when wet, brittle when dry.

Pixxel Very Light Ash Blonde


Final Look and Verdict

I was really happy with the result. No dreadful orange on it anymore. My hair looks grayish/whitish with a light brown base and is pearlescent. Although quite different from the image on the packaging which is darker grey, my hair lightened just how I wanted it to be. Maybe if I could bleach it again and top it off with another layer of the same color, grey hair could absolutely be achieved. I do also hope it won’t wash away or fade easily.

For the lips, I have been looking for this kind of deep purple shade for ages. I have seen some other brands of this before, but they would cost me Php400-Php900. Knowing myself to be very thrifty, I would not allow myself to spend that amount of money for just a puny lipstick which I will just probably use once in a blue moon. Thus, “accidentally” finding this cheap lip liner in an accessories shop is definitely what I call destiny!

I call this look ‘Wicked’ because it looks like an antagonist’s makeup. That grey hair and dark lips just like Cruella de Vil’s. Fierce but elegant.



I never imagined myself pulling off a light hair shade near to white and a deep purple lip shade together. Perhaps I could consider this as one of my wildest dreams. 💜


Till my next hair and makeup review.













  • jake

    October 5, 2015

    for me, you look suplada, and somewhat naughty, hope i’m wrong… but what your profession says, your cool. but on my first impression to you! i’m impressed…good day!

    • Ela Ruth

      October 6, 2015

      Hi Sir Jake, thanks for browsing through my blog and sharing your honest thoughts about me. lol! Yes, I’m suplada in person (coz that’s my default face), whereas naughty is quite improper so let’s just say open-minded. Though, people close to me sure know I’m bubbly. Good day!

  • Jo

    May 24, 2016

    Just wanna ask dear, when you bleached your hair did the salon also used toner to remove the brassy (yellow-ish) color of the hair?

    • Ela Ruth

      May 24, 2016

      Hi Jo, They did not. They just put on the hair color as is. But you may use a toner to remove the brassiness.

      • Jo

        May 26, 2016

        Im trying not to bleach my hair. I already colored my hair with lolane pixxel extra light blonde to lighten my hair but i think the result is like level 6 blonde. I was thinking to color it again with same shade then after ill apply the very light ash blonde im not sure if its going to work. Im too scared to bleach my hair. Any suggestions how can i color my hair ash grey without bleaching?

        • Ela Ruth

          June 2, 2016

          If you will reapply, I think the tint will only lighten just a bit and will only make you dye your hair again to achieve the desired color. So imho, it’s better to bleach your hair (once) rather than reapplying multiple hair product which will damage your hair more. My tip is just use conditioner daily. Take it from me, it really did save my hair. 😉

  • My Name is Chien

    July 29, 2016

    I want to color using the same shade. I am a bit scared because it looks gray on the box. On your pics it looks ashy blonde though. Maybe the key is to not to bleach it very long? I am still undecided because this shade may not be allowed at work. *meep*

    • Ela Ruth

      August 1, 2016

      Hi Chien, bleaching your hair to the lightest possible shade will definitely produce the light greyish ash blonde color shown in the packaging. I prefer bleaching your hair up to medium brown shade, probably that would just take you for about 20-30min (just check it every once in a while so as not to overbleach), so that when you apply this product it will only lighten your hair a bit but still ashy. Good luck!

  • Annie

    April 28, 2017

    Hey Ela, i was thinking to buy this hair color , because i need a grey hair dye ! But on your hair , it doesn’t came out to be the same color , which is on the box . confused 😶

    • Ela Ruth

      May 21, 2017

      Yeah, the packaging’s quite misleading. It will not turn your hair to solid grey, it will just some sort of tone the brassy color after bleaching.

  • Erin

    May 2, 2017

    Great blog, Ela. Which Salon did you have your hair bleached?thanks!


    • Ela Ruth

      May 21, 2017

      I first had my hair bleached at Trends Salon, Marikina Heights then did it myself the second time. Glad you liked! 🙂


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