Nails Poshed the Victorian Way at Maison by Nail Spa

Maison by Nail Spa

Have you ever wondered what kind of bonding we lady architects do?

Well, it could be getting our nails done in a fancy Victorian decorated spa maison to keep our tired hands and feet (from endless desk and field works) in place. Yup, sounds fancy to me.

Maison by Nail Spa

Maison: is a townhouse, attached, usually with a garden in the back.

Maison de maître/herenhuis: usually means an elegant townhouse with gracious details both inside and out, often terraced.


The name of this nail spa completely speaks for itself.

Elegance, check.

Gracious details and furniture from the Victorian themed interior design, check.

Garden, check.

Maison by Nail Spa

A little bit of drizzle and drama, check! It was raining when we had our nail session. What way could be better for girl buddies to put their feet up and hang loose on a lazy cold weather?

Maison by Nail Spa

Care to share free coffee with us?

Or maybe some free pink lemonade and a stack of fashion reads, anyone?

While enjoying our free drinks (which you can choose from the beverage menu), the pampering experience took into action. Regular manicure for me, regular pedicure for the girl friend.

I wasn’t able to take photo of the price list, but my dear friend was able to inquire prior our visit and ask for the rates. (We were lucky walk-in customers, though.)

 Regular manicure with nail polish Php320

Regular pedicure with nail polish Php430

Regular manicure and pedicure with nail polish Php740

Foot spa with pedicure and nail polish Php800

They do reflexology massage, and offer premium and designer’s nail polishing too.

Maison by Nail Spa

Their service was unremarkable. I loved how they made us feel so  comfortable, putting fluffy pillows behind our head & necks and elbows and laps. Like a puppet groomed by its puppeteer. Or just couch potatoes at our finest. Oh, and the quick massage didn’t hurt too.

I believe this place is fantastic for special surprises or gifts for girlfriends and loved ones. The entire place could also be rented for an event or party. Doing it the sweet and classy way.

You may book for an appointment and not take the chance like we did by calling them at 893-2823

Or visit them at G/F Edades Tower and Garden Villas, Amorsolo Drive, Rockwell Center

 Make yourself at home like real Victorian queens. Cheers!


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