Get Up & Get Brunch at Grind Bistro

grind bistro

A little bit of food and chitchat goes a long way to kick start the day. And obviously, what I meant was a nice brunch with a friend.

With so many new concept restaurants popping out everywhere, my lovely gal pal decided to eat out in this restaurant that has an enticing s’mores and hot cocoa dessert. Not bad to have on a middle of breakfast and lunch time, though. So, let’s give it a try. Shall we?

Grind Bistro

I’m really into geometric patterns when it comes to architectural and interior designs, so I was initially impressed with its design, the ambiance and elegance of the interior. Thumbs up already for the atmosphere.

Who wouldn’t love that ceiling? I mean it was the most striking accent of the restaurant, so if you didn’t find it appealing then I don’t know what will.

Moving on to what we really intended here. Time to chomp some bad boys because our tummies were really growling.

My friend and I eat little (I’m not quite sure of what I’ve said) so we tried to order what we thought was enough for our petite bodies. We ordered one burger. And much to our surprise, they cut it in half for our convenience. And so we had two cups of chips for one order. Such a sweet gesture, and a juicy lucy burger! I loved the dalandan juice as well. The sweetness was refreshing. Whereas, the caesar salad was unique and tasty. Let’s be real. What more could a “health conscious” hungry girl ask for aside from a salad with a sunny side up egg and fish?

And without further ado, the main event, ladies and gents — the most awaited S’mores and hot cocoa!

Yup. The main event was the dessert. You’ll know why if you were paying attention from the beginning of this post.

First, it was served dry, then the waitress poured the hot cocoa in the cauldron. My friend cut the s’mores open to see the vanilla ice cream.

Our verdict? Definitely, a marshmallow and chocolate combined would taste like heaven. But this one was super sweet. Like the kind of dessert that will bring you sore throat. The vanilla ice cream’s texture was a bit different too for me. I wish my tastebuds could speak to explain it much better. But I did love the chocolate flavored potato chips. Gave me the idea that I can dip any chips in a melted chocolate. Now, I’m craving.


If you’re on the go to splurge for food while getting a company-worthy dining experience, then Grind Bistro is a restaurant you may want to check out.

Located at

G/F Net Lima Building, 5th Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Opens at 11AM to 10PM


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