Thunderbird Resorts, La Union: A Taste of Santorini

thunderbird resorts

Whenever I see an omnipresent color palette of blue and white in an area plus whitewashed cubist houses in it, the eminent island of Santorini, Greece is all I can think of. Couldn’t perceive of any other else.

Who wouldn’t want to see that place? Lately, it has been a trend where entrepreneurs in the Philippines have been injecting this design concept to restaurants and most prominently to resorts. Like trying to replicate it and let customers experience the same feel for a lesser cost. Well, still the ambiance is different but highest appreciation goes to the concept and effort.

Luckily, my family and I got the chance to have a day tour (for my birthday, yey!) on one of the upscale (5-star) resorts in La Union that represents Santorini’s beauty.

Heads up. Get ready to get wowed upon entering and strolling to the lobby by the architecture and landscaping of the place.

Breathe. This is just the lobby but we’re already mesmerized by the serenity, atmosphere, and sound & taste of the wind and sea.

The day tour fee costs Php1500/head for 5 hours only (which I presume they are not very strict of).

Day tour is open at 8:00AM to 5:00PM weekdays only. No day tour for holidays and weekends.

The fee includes:

Use of swimming pools plus towel Php500/head

Consumable charge for food & beverage Php700/head

Use of Kayak (which we weren’t able to take advantage of because we’re in a hurry) Php300/head

Okay, how could this be much better? The colors, the architecture, the view, everything seemed to drag us to an intense state of calmness.

Now, this just answered my previous question. A nicely landscaped swimming pool area with prevalent cobalt blue accents and a cute mini pool bar, those definitely took the tranquility to a higher level real quick.

But. The excitement doesn’t stop there until you reach the shore. This is where the real epitome of peace and quiet can be found.

To fully enjoy your staycation, top it off by consuming the inclusive fee for your food and beverage at Olive’s Restaurant or at the pool bar. Sit on the sunny spot outdoor or inside the air-conditioned room, wherever you like. It was very hot and humid when we got there so we decided to freshen up a bit inside. It was my birthday too, hence the free cake and surprise birthday song from the crew. I was honestly surprised! Thank you, guys.

We ordered:

Mongolian Beef Php480

Spicy Lamb Shank “Moroccan Style” Php640

Olives Garden Salad Php280

Traditional Caesar Salad Php240

Broccoli, Pesto Pasta Php240

Fettuccine with Seafood Alfredo Sauce Php290

Pandan Cream Cheese Crepe Php180

Fresh Buko Php160

Thunderbird Iced Tea Php90

Pineapple Juice Php160

Complimentary bread appetizer

It was definitely a feast. We were so overwhelmed that we exceeded our balance by Php400++. I tell you, nothing really special with the taste of the food and really expensive, but worth the experience especially the venue.


A couple of activities and lot of strolling can be done in this resort, so if you have the luxury of time and money to afford an overnight stay, then good for you. I highly recommend this to the type of people who are less active and only love to literally sit back and relax. Although, a day tour is absolutely enough to enjoy the whole place as long as you get there early and maximize your time.

If you enjoyed viewing my photos and got interested to visit the place, you may check their website here.

For inquiries and reservation, email them at

[email protected]

Thunderbird Resort Poro Point

VOA Compound, Pennsylvania Avenue, San Fernando City, La Union, 2500, Philippines


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