Color Manila Run: One Magical Fun Run!

Color Manila Run

Taking a marathon to the next level has totally been smashed by Color Manila. And when I say next level, I meant really memorable and enchanting! Running has never been so much fun.

Probably you just have to read and see what I’m blabbering about. 

The Preparation

Lately, I was fond of joining fun runs for a cause and stuffs similar to that, so I didn’t ever think twice when my friends slash former coworkers invited me to register for this Color Manila Run that was held in Clark, Pampanga last September 11, 2016. I attempted to join a color run when I was still in Manila but I failed to, so learning that this event is gonna take place near my home now, I unhesitatingly dug in.

For more technical information, you may visit Color Manila’s official website to check every now and then about their upcoming events and mode of payments. I made my transaction through SM Tickets which I thought was convenient. Although, I have to say that the claiming of kit has not been as easy as the registration due to changes on claiming venue and kit shortage.

I have registered for the 3k run because that is what my group has agreed upon. The kit includes eyewear, headdress & tank top of your own choice of color, and a singlet with stubs for freebies such as bottled water (which tasted like apple, and I loved it), P100 discount for any CM Merchandise purchase, color packets, baggage deposit, and medal (just because we are all winners!)

Personal Backstory

The event was getting nearer when sadly my group backed out due to personal matters. I had to search for a different group to join with for this run and luckily my current girl coworker was about to join the run too. I was so relieved back then when life got ridiculous she gave up on the run just the day before the event because of an illness. She made me contact her boyfriend so I can join their group which I barely know. I am speechless.

The Fun Run Itself

The event had to start at 4:30am for some introduction, intermission numbers and warm up.

Color Manila Run

After dancing for warm up, 10k commenced running, followed by 5k, and then 3k runners.Color Manila Run

Good thing you can freely run whatever distance you feel like (which makes sense because all the categories were charged Php650). I was a 3k runner and my companions registered for 5k, so it was a big relief that I was able to join them all throughout the event.

There were obstacles in between that really made the run more interesting and fun.

And of course, it wouldn’t be called a color run if there weren’t colored powders thrown in every stop en route.

Friendly reminder: Prepare to be sprinkled with water on the first stop that will help the colored powders stick to your body, so just mind on your gadgets too.

Color Manila Run

You can actually stop anywhere you like to lie on the floor and take pictures. Who said you can’t relax on a marathon? And of course, there are hydrating booths as well.

As we returned to the finish line (which is the starting point), I just realized I could use the colored powder to temporarily stain my hair. Completely added my happiness on this fun run! How magical is that to change your hair color instantaneously? I’m puking rainbows.

The lap ends by gliding on this cute big inflated slide where I wished there was a pool at the end side of it. Haha!

And we finished the challenge! But the fun doesn’t end there. Oh yes, it just doesn’t stop. We came back luckily right on time for the closing party where everyone threw colored powders simultaneously.

Everyone danced and shouted in the music beat, wildly partying under the sun like it was night time. (Funny, but I considered it as the cooling down phase.) It was absolutely not just a run but a festival!

Closing Remarks

I had so much fun that I didn’t want the celebration to end.

My companions and I relaxed for a bit in the field afterwards, had random talks, bought taho to fill our hungry tummies, and eventually parted ways.

I guess, going out of your shell is never a bad idea and mishaps really happen to lead you to better incidents. I felt so merry and lucky to meet new people that were so easy to connect with. Life is good.

Thank you Color Manila for making these fun-filled events possible! Keep the creativity flowing and the excitement bursting, great minds! (PS. We are honestly enticed to join the blacklight run. Hopefully we can because it could be a lot more fun, right?)


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