Cancer: My First Ink


November 4, 2016 – one of the most significant days of my life, when I had my first ink.

Having a tattoo is something I have always been dreaming of. I didn’t have it on a spur of moment, but thought about it a lot of times and really wanted it to be special. I think deciding what design is harder than the tattoo process itself, no kid. I needed something permanent, meaningful, and something that will speak highly of myself.

I had mine made at Majestic Ink, SM Clark. The crew were so nice and accommodating, telling me that the pain is not really bad, and they were right. I wasn’t really nervous because the design I chose is actually quite tiny – just a few number of dots and small asterisks. It only took about 5 minutes to finish and felt like I was only bitten by ants. The pain was already gone right after the procedure.


So, what is this design really? This is the constellation of my Zodiac sign which is Cancer. I could say I am a free spirited but spiritual kind of person. I believe in astrology, but not too much, still a believer of God and no offense to anyone. I don’t really give a damn when people ask me begrudgingly why I had inked. Basically, this symbol (Cancerian) is who I am. No more, no less to say.

Since 2016 has been a really rocky road for me (well, for everyone I believe), I wanted something to remind me everyday that I got to focus on what I really want and direct myself to that path. Although, in reality we are not really in full control of everything, these stars are my inspiration and constant.

Allow me to go deeper. I just had a realization and that is life is sad, cruel, and repetitive. Even true love hurts, even family and true friends cannot stay. Life will not always lead you to where you want to go. So my point of following my own stars is that once you’re having fun, live the moment. Happiness doesn’t last in this world but is only found within you.

Now that another year is about to come, got this tattoo as some sort of blood compact. lol. I want to claim this year and be more motivated. So… rolling my sleeves now!



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