A-Maze-ing Sunflower: The 1st Sunflower Maze in the PH

A-maze-ing Sunflower

Our latest escapade started when my stepdad watched television and saw this new cool place in Tayug, Pangasinan. He knows us too well when it comes to outdoor plans, so he requested to see this place for our weekend bonding. He said it was well advertised – looked interesting and absolutely affordable.

Weekend came and this is what happened…

It took us over two hours to get from Pampanga to Tayug, Pangasinan. The direction was easier than expected because all you have to do is follow the sign boards posted along the way. Although, as you get nearer the vicinity, the roads get narrower too. It was holiday when we went and people were coming like zombie apocalypse. There were no vacant parking slots when we got there by 2:00pm, so it was like parking at our own risk and gut feeling. Road shoulders were all occupied thus making it a one way kind of road. Vehicles were stuck in traffic like tetris blocks, while people walking were scattered everywhere. It was mortifying that the management was not that prepared with this kind of problems. The viewing of the maze was only open from 7:00am to 5:00pm, but the crowd won’t stop from bulking so I think they still had to let these visitors see the area until dusk. The crowd control was the main let down of this event, and we hope they could resolve it immediately for future viewings.


  1. Better if you visit anytime soon. It can be a stop over en route to Baguio’s Panagbenga Festival.
  2. The earlier time of the day the better. Don’t forget to bring umbrellas, hats, or other sun protections if you get there noontime onwards.

A-maze-ing Sunflower

Before entering the gardens, you have to register and pay first. Regular fee is Php100, while senior citizens/students/PWD fee is Php80. Once paid, you are now ready to get stamped on the wrist and enter the expo.

During our visit, there were so many people we weren’t able to take our time to enjoy every beautiful spot that we passed by. I think I was just lucky to get some photos that looked like there were no people on the background. Lol. Also, it was really hot when we got there that’s why my mom wanted our tour to be quick.

I can’t deny that it was filled with picture-worthy spots. Of course, that would also mean it was perfect for OOTD shoots.

A-maze-ing Sunflower

Mom and sister were wearing skirts handsewn by mother dear herself. Kaartehan surely runs in our blood, doesn’t it?

In all fairness, I enjoyed going through the maze. And I think it would be more fun if it was not that hot.

There was a platform too where you have to queue and wait for your turn to climb up and take 360deg view of the area and/or take selfies. It was totally an amazing feeling to see 8,000 sunflowers in front of you.

A-maze-ing Sunflower

Our tour lasted for an hour, and I believe it was worth it. I wish we had more time to extend our adventure and see the Panagbenga Festival in Baguio City. Hmm.. I guess, we now have to put Baguio down on our next escapade…Shall we? See you when I see you!


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