Rods & Baits: Fishing at The Lakeshore

The Lakeshore

One way to maximize happiness is trying to learn something new everyday. And today, I am lucky to be invited by friends to go fishing in a very serene place.


I always pass through this place called The Palms Lakeshore, and I had no idea ever that I will be visiting here and do some nice activity with really good friends.

Operating Hours

9:00AM-5:00PM daily

Walk-in guests are welcome, just present your driver’s license at the guardhouse to get a pass.


Picnic & fishing fee – Php200

Fishing rod rental fee – Php250/ea

Better to bring your own lures or baits (worms, chicken liver, etc.)

You can bring your own rods too.

(Boats are also for rent but I wasn’t able to record the rate. Heh!)

The place was so quiet, which was very good for meditating, while fishing. 🙂

And the fishing tutorial begins!

  1. Attach the bait to the hook.
  2. Unlock the reel.
  3. Swing the rod throwing the string sideways as far as you can.
  4. Lock the reel.
  5. Make sure the string is on a 45degree angle from the water and not hanging loose.
  6. Use index finger to slightly pull the string against the rod (like holding a gun & trigger) just to feel if you already caught a fish.
  7. Wait.
  8. Roll the string back once you felt something wiggling and is heavy. (While praying that it’s a fish not rubbish.)

A group of foreigners were fishing too and were very lucky to catch two 3kg snakeheads. Enough to fill their empty stomachs for the whole day! lol. Great job, fellas!

We weren’t intimidated at all. Really. Lol. Look how tiny ours are, but we were proud of that. Won’t trade the effort for nothing. My friend’s mom deep-fried them when we got home to their place. I hope she was a proud momma.


Nonetheless, one thing I have learned about this activity was to have patience, patience, and a lot more of PATIENCE. Not as easy as it looks like. I was really getting hopeless the first ten, twenty tries I did, because my friends are catching fish consecutively already and I was only getting leaves or my bait are getting eaten by wise fish. To the point where I thought fish don’t like me. Crazy. I told myself I would really be happy catching one, and I tried and tried and waited… and yippee! I got one! Then I tried again, and caught another one, and another, until I caught five in total. Close to what my friends have caught too. We decided to leave because we were hungry, but I personally left with satisfaction and happiness, which was my main goal for this day. 🙂


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