First 3 Months of the Expat in Dubai

I never saw this coming. It was never in my long term plan to live and work abroad. I honestly only dreamed of going out of Philippines just to travel and see the world, but not to stay in another country permanently (Well, not that I am staying here forever… I dunno, I’m a certified nomad you know.) I have always been so impulsive with my decisions so it’s not surprising that I moved here in Dubai to test my independence and develop my career for my family and my future.

My first 3 months wasn’t easy – like any other OFW’s stories of hardships you’ve come across. I did struggle but I am very lucky (will not get into pang-MMK details anymore), and still very blessed to have a lot of kind-hearted friends who are always there willing to support, be my stronghold and act as my family (Because I don’t have relatives here.)


People are wondering how was I able to roam around Dubai in the first few months of my stay here while squeezing a very tight budget. Answer is my ever loving friends who treat me 🙂 and job interviews I got which sounds ehh but true I almost travelled the whole city just by using the metro, bus, and by endless walking under the intense heat of the sun. FYI, the temperature can hit up to 50+deg C! Imagine 30min of walking from metro to one office to another because taxi is too expensive. I died.


Here is a compilation of the things I did in my first 3 months of stay in Dubai as a tourist (but now my residence visa is finally on process, hooray! TYL):

Places I have been and people I have met because of job interviews.

F-R-I-E-N-D-S! And they still keep on coming.

Photoshoots. (Thanks Ferdie!)


So far everything above is a good start and I will certainly always have fun sliding into new segments of this learning curve of life. Looking forward to greater adventures and experience!


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