Kuala Lumpur Itinerary for 4 Days, 3 Nights

Kuala Lumpur 2015

18++ Attractions in just 4 days & 3 nights

Traveled as couple last January 9-12, 2015

Reason: Post New Year celebration; Our first out of country trip ever!

Day 1

#elakwatsera #TTWA

1. Arrival at KLIA 2

Time check: 9:00PM (4hrs travel time from NAIA 4; no time difference, but the sun rises around 7-8AM and sets around 7-8PM)

2. Quick rest at Beltif Hotel, Jalan Changkat

Time check: 10:00PM (One hour travel time from the airport)

3. Dinner at Nasi Kendar Pelita

4. 4km Strolling from Beltif Hotel to KLCC

5. Photo op at Petronas Twin Towers



Stiffed neck
Stiffed neck


Time check: 1:30AM, time to go back to the hotel… We feel so tired and sleepy now.

Good night!


  1. KL’s central business district is a very walkable city. It’s size is quite small, hence you can just walk from one place to another if you opt, too. Though, I admit 4km was very far. That’s why we rode a taxi back to the hotel. 🙂
  2. Wear comfy footwear and clothes.
  3. Petronas Twin Towers is so high that it’s so hard to take a picture of. People even lay down on the floor just to get a nice angle of it. So, if you have wide angle/fisheye cameras, GoPros, SJCams, or the like, better bring and use it!



My feet got really sore after that long night city strolling starting from Jalan Changkat! 👣#worthit

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Day 2

#elakwatsera 1. Breakfast buffet at Beltif Hotel Time check: 7:00AM



      1. Tell the waiter/vendor to make your food “not spicy” if you’re not into it. Though, “not spicy” is the mildest version of their spiciest one. 🙂



  2. Hop On Hop Off Tour

Time check: 10:30AM

Weather: Sunny all day  

First destination: Jalan Alor

We walked up to Jalan Alor for it is the nearest HOHO stop from our hotel
We walked up to Jalan Alor for it is the nearest HOHO stop from our hotel


      • Hop On Hop Off



See the map on their website: Hop On Hop Off Tour Map


      1. The bus is accompanied by a voice over describing the next destination you’ll be stopping over. However, sometimes it is delayed. Look at your map instead. Be alert and be mindful of the bus stop numbers, otherwise you’ll miss your destination. (Unless, you still have the luxury of time to return.)
      2. It’s your choice whether you want to alight at a certain stop or stay at the bus. I’ve read a certain review that you can finish the tour without alighting (and without much traffic) for about two and a half hours.
      3. The ticket is valid for 24 hrs. In our case, we were able to use it till next morning going to KL Sentral.
      4. Waiting time for the next bus may exceed 30 min. Be patient.
      5. Do not overstay in one attraction. 30-45min is enough for exploring & admiring the place, and of course for picture taking.
      6. There are instances where you can find multiple attractions in one HOHO stop. Some are quite near to one another. Therefore, walk. It’s good for your health.

Second destination: China Town


Third destination: Central Market

KFC for lunch! The taste was way different from KFC Ph's. Also, they only serve spoon as utensil. Well, that's how finger lickin' kickin' eating should be!
KFC for lunch! The taste was way different from KFC Ph’s. Also, they only serve spoon as utensil. Well, that’s how finger lickin’ kickin’ eating should be!

Fourth destination: Sri Mahamariamman Temple

Here are some streets/alleys we have passed by:

10915202_10203346542128554_3623158323363106645_n Fifth destination: Masjid Jamek

Sixth destination: KL City Gallery and Merdeka Square 10931032_10203346612130304_4532194647518249610_n   Seventh destination: Masjid Negara

Eighth destination: Bird’s Park and Lake Gardens

Ninth destination: National Mosque

Tenth destination: Islamic Arts Museum

See their website for admission fees and schedules: Islamic Arts Museum Admission Hours and Fees

Eleventh destination: Palace of Culture

Twelfth destination: KL Tower

10394632_10203346519647992_5123816822426817896_n     Attractions we have passed by without alighting from the bus:

Thirteenth destination: Pavilion at Bukit Bintang

Because we haven’t reached this mall open last night, we came back!

Last destination: Walked from Pavilion to Jalan Alor Time check: 12:00MN

Dinner at Sun Chui Yuen Restoran
Satays and grilled stingray
Satays & grilled stingray with curry sauce, and nuts as complementary appetizers



I swear I didn’t want to leave this place! ❤️ #ootd #sunnies A photo posted by Ela Ruth Del Rosario (@elaruth) on

Found a very peaceful garden and stunning pavilion in the city 💛 #ootd

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Day 3

#elakwatsera Time check: 7:00AM Weather: Sunny with isolated showers in the afternoon

1. Breakfast buffet at Beltif Hotel


2. Hop On Hop Off to KL Sentral



3. Batu Caves

Check this website for more transportation details: KTM Komuter from KL Sentral to Batu Caves

More steps...
More steps…


This was the time when that bad monkey unsuccessfully grabbed my bag (with food) but left a scratch on it. 🙈 #ootd A photo posted by Ela Ruth Del Rosario (@elaruth) on

Bad monkeys!


  1. Do not bring food inside the cave (even if it’s inside a bag), or else monkeys will grab it. You don’t want any scratches, do you?
  2. KL’s transportation system is easy. Just like in the Philippines, you just have to buy tickets and insert it on the turnstiles ticket box, or tap if it’s a coin, same goes when exiting.
  3. Read signages and maps first before asking.
  4. If you want to ask at the cashier or info booths, but anxious about language gap, people there are fluent and good in English.
  5. Before leaving, familiarize yourself with your destination’s map, and transportation routes. Utilize GPS.

4. Resorts World Genting Highlands

Time check: 5:00PM

Weather: Rainy/Isolated showers



I'm not sure if we're about to see Genting or Silent Hill.
I’m not sure if we’re about to see Genting or Silent Hill.


  1. Do not be late from your bus schedule. It will be invalidated if you do so.
  2. In our case, we went back to the bus terminal going to KL Sentral an hour earlier than our scheduled departure. Luckily, we have ridden the unoccupied bus ready to depart that time, thus we didn’t have to wait for the next one.
  3. See bus and Genting skyway fares and schedules here: Genting Bus and Skyway Fares and Schedules


5. Nando’s China Town

To go periperi chicken 🍗🍛 thanks @ameliejoyce @samyambot @lim_lyss for suggesting!!! 😋

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After buying dinner at Nando's for take-out ("take away" in their term), we hurried to the night market to buy souvenirs.
After buying dinner at Nando’s for take-out (“take away” in their term), we hurried to the night market to buy souvenirs.

6. Going back to Beltif Hotel via RapidKL Train

Time check: 12:00MN

Dashed to the train’s last trip.



      1. Utilize your maps more often. KL is a tourist-friendly city, their maps show complete details about the attractions, and train & bus stations.
      2. Their language is quite near to Filipino language, especially Kapampangan dialect. Thus, it was easy for us to recognize some of their words.
      3. See RapidKL train routes and fare here: RapidKL Train Routes


7:30PM, 18 degrees Celsius, foggy and still sunny #silenthill #freezingcold #ootd A photo posted by Ela Ruth Del Rosario (@elaruth) on

Day 4


Time check: 7:00AM

Weather: Sunny

1. Breakfast buffet at Beltif Hotel

The menu was the same as our first day buffet.

Then there came a visitor after we ate.

2. KL International Airport 2


Good bye, Malaysia! See you again soon! We shall definitely return for more!
Good bye, Malaysia! See you again soon! We shall definitely return for more!

3. Arrived at NAIA 4

Time check: 5:00PM

Had a very late lunch at the terminal. Super hungry bellies!



Goodbye KL! We will miss you so much. 😢 #sepanx #ootd

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  1. Cost of living in KL is not far from the cost of living in Philippines. Thus, price range of food, fare, and other expenses are reasonable.
  2. Average price of a meal per person in Jalan Alor for example is RM10.
  3. See this website for more detailed KL mass transit info: Getting Around with KL

Pocket money for 2 pax: Php8,000

Expenses: >P7,500

Including: Terminal fees, meals, all fares to and from the airport, Islamic Arts Museum entrance fee, and souvenirs

Excluding: Air Asia airfare, promo; and Beltif Hotel room, discounted at Agoda

Savings: <P500

Photos taken thru iPad mini 2; edited via VSCO Cam and Instagram

Summary of Itinerary

Day 1

1. KLIA 2

2. Beltif Hotel

3. Dinner at Nasi Kendar Pelita

4. Petronas Twin Towers

Day 2

1. Hop on Hop off Tour

-Jalan Alor
-China Town
-Central Market (lunch at KFC)
-Sri Mahamariamman Temple
-Masjid Jamek
-KL City Gallery
-Merdeka Square
-Masjid Negara
-Bird’s Park
-Lake Gardens
-National Mosque
-Islamic Arts Museum
-Palace of Culture
-KL Tower

2. Dinner at Jalan Alor Sun Chui Yuen Restoran

Day 3

1. Hop on hop off to KL Sentral

2. Batu Caves

3. Bus and Cable Car ride to Genting Highlands

4. Dinner at Nando’s China Town

5. RapidKL ride to Bukit Bintang, back to the hotel

Day 4

1. Monorail to KL Sentral

2. Express LRT to KLIA 2

3. NAIA 4




  • merlyn garcia

    June 6, 2016

    Hi Ella…
    Thank you for.this very comprehensive guide to KL.we will be.going there by July this year. Is there a way that you can send me.this itinerary of yours to my mail.

    • Ela Ruth

      June 9, 2016

      Hi Merlyn, thanks for dropping by. I have sent the email to you and I hope it worked. Enjoy KL. Cheers!

      • Lyn

        June 6, 2018

        Hi Ela. Your blog is extremely helpful. I ‘ll be in Malaysia on Aug 7. Hope you can send me as well your itinerary. Many thanks and more power!

        • Ela Ruth

          October 13, 2018

          Thank you! Apologies for late response. Hope you had a great trip, though!

  • Judith panunce

    February 6, 2018

    Hi ella! Im going to KL this march. Can i have your full ITirenary for this trip? And i would like to ask where did you buy your hop on n off ticket?

    Thanks for your info. 🙂

    • Ela Ruth

      March 12, 2018

      Hi Judith! I apologize for the very late response. :/ You may print screen the itinerary I have here though. We bought the tickets at the ticket booth on bus stops if my memory serves me right. 🙂 Enjoy your trip!

    • Marie shayne zuniga

      March 29, 2018

      Hi ella,
      Regarding the batu caves genting tour. Did you go back to KL central then genting? Or batu cave then genting?. Is there a bus from batu caves to genting?

      • Ela Ruth

        April 2, 2018

        Hi Shayne, we went back to KL Sentral going to Genting 🙂

  • Siljha

    April 11, 2018

    Wow…such a great itinerary. Can u email me please.

  • Erica Lorraine Grace Penados

    August 9, 2018

    Hi Ms. Ella!

    Im Erica, and Im traveling to KL next week.
    I just wanna ask, for the HOHO bus, are we able to stop by or hop off the bus to see the tourist spots and take pictures with it?

    Hoping for your response. Thank you! Please respond me at [email protected]

    Thank you so much!


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