Cintai Corito’s Garden: A Day in Dream Land

Cintai Corito's Garden

Stayed as couple last December 2014.

My boyfriend and I usually love going out to celebrate occasions. Diligently searching of a place to hang out for our 2nd anniversary thru internet, we came across this interesting place called “Cintai”.

Cintai Corito’s Garden is a Balinese-inspired garden resort in Batangas made for people who look for a cocoon of serenity. Likewise, “Cintai” is an Indonesian word, (hence the Indonesian vibes of the place) which so happened to mean love ஐ — very much fitting for our celebration!

Out of my excitement, we immediately inquired the resort for a day tour reservation and asked important details. Day tour rate for 13 y/o and above is P1850, but we got a voucher from ensogo which cost P999 each. Still includes welcome drinks, full course lunch, pm snack, use of swimming pools & other amenities, and shower rooms. Isn’t that a great deal? 🙂

There was a limited offer too of P849 each voucher, but we missed it. Also, you can avail separately their breakfast and/or dinner buffet like we did supposing you want to have it there.

Find room rates, day tour rates, prenup pictorial and wedding packages on their website: Cintai Rates

How to go there:

How to go to Cintai Corito’s Garden

✓ Venue

✓ Date

✓ Weather (isolated showers within the day, tolerable)


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Let our story begin!

One day…

A couple decided to go somewhere to celebrate their 2nd anniversary. It was gloomy outside, but they didn’t mind. The delight inside the lass stood the most out. Her cheeks were flushed with excitement.


Searching and searching for two and a half hours, they have stumbled upon a signage adorned with intricate details, teasing their senses to come inside.


Out of curiosity, they entered and were enchantingly banqueted by bizarre looking butlers.


The young man and lady were remarkably entertained of what they saw and dug more into the burrow of this wonderland.

When suddenly they bumped upon this series of lavishly designed doors they explored unhesitatingly.

Door 1…

was a white rustic floral door with a luscious purple backdrop that looked very delectable to their eyes. The couple were enticed to enter into it, and were awe-struck to see what the door has bestowed upon them…

FOOD! Food! and more food! Perfect for their starving intestines. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks all served in one feast!

The festivity has ended and has definitely bolstered their physique — all set for the next door!

Door 2…

was more colorful and embellished than door 1. Carved generously with leaves and flowers, it led them to the gardens of Eden.

Cintai Corito's Garden

They walked into a greenery full of wandering animals. A kingdom of lush greens, trees, and fragrant flowers.

A while later, the zealous pair went straight ahead to the third door thrilled to see what is behind.

Door 3…

looked the most vibrant. Colored flowers all over it and detailed leaf carvings on the backdrop. A breakthrough of enthusiasm for the two wayfarers.

Cintai Corito's Garden

Astounded to see such fantasy, they have understood that the door led them to a place of indulgence. It was Nirvana!

Literally flooding you 🌊

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How mystic this place can get!

Already satisfied with the merriment, the lass and lad finally decided to enter the last door.

Door 4…

was the most extravagant among the doors they have encountered.

The supreme portal has allured them both into a dreamland — a place where one’s imaginations were simulated.

A wedding day.

To live happily ever after is everyone’s ideal dream. Thus a wedding scene on their imaginarium.

Yes, Ela… Someday…


“Hey Ela, wake up. What exit shall we be taking?”

“…wh-what is it?”

“We’re going to Cintai, right?”

“Oh… yeah… the exit is Sto. Toribio.”

Cintai Corito's Garden
See you in a few, my dreamland! 🙂

The End ஐ



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